1. Terrorizing the Nation as the Best Way to Thwart Shameful Schemes
  2. Possessed by Blyat
  3. Worried Again
  4. Steel on the Road
  5. Plastic Death
  6. Your Personal Comfort Versus the Global Disaster
  7. Desordem e Regresso
  8. Into the Void
  9. Ego-Boost Downfall
  10. Money Kills
  11. Demolition
  12. I Don’t Care
  13. Conspiracy
  14. The Day They Left Their Graves

Uappa Terror – Guitars, Vocals
Paua Siffredi – Guitars
Friggi Mad Beats – Drums
Simon – Bass, Vocals

Recording information:
Recorded in ZED Studio in July 2020.
Recording, mix and mastering: Tomasz “Zed” Zalewski.
Production: Terrordome & Tomasz “Zed” Zalewski.
Riot shouts: Uappa Terror, Słoma, Syru, Kosa

Released on:
– CD (Selfmadegod Records, 9.02.2021) – SMG265
– Cassette (Selfmadegod Records, 9.02.2021) – 100 pcs yellow, 100 pcs black – SMG271
– LP (Selfmadegod Records, released 11.2021) – Limited 300 pcs, 3 colors – black, yellow, splatter orange

Guest solo in “Terrorizing…”: Konrad “Destroyer” Ramotowski
Guest vocals in “Desordem E Regresso”: Manu Joker, Jairo Vaz Neto
Guest solo in “Demolition…”: Frank Blackfire

Lyurics: Uappa Terror. “I Don’t Care” – Uappa and Simon
Music: Uappa Terror and Paua Sifreddi