Terrordome AD 2024

Before we even enter the studio and get serious about the successor to “Straight Outta Smogtown”, we managed to meet for a few photos at a winter photo session. The author of the photos is Konrad Krawczyk, with whom we have been cooperating for years. This is the first photo in 2024 and the first with our new guitarist J. Sparrow.

from left to right:
Rob Sixkiller – drums
Uappa Terror – vocals & guitar
Virious Max – bass
J. Sparrow – guitar

Tour with Batushka

We are very pleased to announce that in September this year we will play 9 amazing dates on tour alongside Batushka and Shadomh. Tickets can be ordered via https://ticketshow.pl. Hope to see you!

06.09.2024 – Bydgoszcz, Over the Under
07.09.2024 – Toruń, Od Nowa
08.09.2024 – Łódź, Scenografia
13.09.2024 – Katowice, P23
14.09.2024 – Radom, Resursa
15.09.2024 – Warszawa, Proxima
20.09.2024 – Kraków, Hype Park
21.09.2024 – Rzeszów, Pod Palmą
22.09.2024 – Lublin, Polskie Radio


Terrordome first official live material is out!

We have just released our first, almost 40-minute-long official live material, which was recorded in the Zaścianek Club during “Cross Over Cracow 8” in September 2021. In addition to the songs from the newest album “Straight Outta Smogtown”, several older ones from albums have been recorded “Machete Justice”,”We’ll Show You Mosh, Bitch!” or “Bestial Castigation” split. The whole thing was recorded by the team of Marcin Halerz, who also took care of the editing. No Solace studio took care of the music production.

1. Intro – Terrorizing The Nation
2. Possessed By Blyat
3. Worried Again
4. Steel On The Road
5. Plastic Death
6. Brutal Punishment
7. Cross Over Cracow
8. Machete Justice
9. Demolition
10. I Don’t Care
11. Conspiracy
12. They Day They Left Their Graves
13. Silence (While the Violence is On) / If You Leave Me Now

Whole concert is available on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/I_flSdyYqw0

Triple Thrash Threat in October 2021!

Left Hand Sounds artistic misconduct invites you to a tour of three reliable and uncompromising thrash crews. The eulogists of violence, indecent behavior, unbearable clamor, fierce enemies of Trivium, Lamb of God and Megadeth – this is how you can describe the perennial lineup of the Triple Thrash Threat tour.

We do not invite you to dance with them and we do not pay compensation if someone dares!

Ragehammer, Terrordome, Warfist
22.10. Poznań, U Bazyla Club
23.10. Łódź, KoloWrotki Club
24.10. Wrocław, Akademia Club
30.10. Warsaw, Remont Club*
31.10. Bielsko-Biała, Rudeboy Club
* concert as part of the Halloween Metal Massacre, tickets also in the Going network

Tickets in the Ticketos.pl at the following prices:
50 PLN (presale)
60 PLN (on the day of the concert)

TERRORDOME – thrash metal, Kraków
f: https://facebook.com/terrordomeband
y: https://youtu.be/KFaqBhm7Vpg

RAGEHAMMER – black/thrash metal, Kraków
f: https://facebook.com/Ragehammer.Official
y: https://youtu.be/eupepsu-MyE

WARFIST – speed/thrash metal, Zielona Góra
f: https://facebook.com/warfisthorde
y: https://youtube.com/watch?v=LsgbigGMWOA

“The Day They Left Their Graves” Music Video

On Sunday, October 31, 2021, we invite you to the premiere of our new video to the song. “The Day They Left Their Graves”. The song comes from the album “Straight Outta Smogtown” released in February 2021. The premiere will take place on the fb event available here and on our official FB and YouTube channel.

Event FB: https://fb.me/e/1TP3xSQMe
Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/terrordomeband
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6xQWP7_QoUetW5ayfdJjqg

“Desordem E Regresso” Music Video

Another premiere of the music video from our latest album. This time we would like to present a video to the song “Desordem e Regresso” from our newest album “Straight Outta Smogtown”. The editing was done by Marcin Halerz, and the material was recorded in Poland and Brazil. In the video, you’ll see two amazing guys next to Uappa. They are Manu Joker (ex-Sarcofago, Uganga, Angel Butcher) and Jairo Vaz (Chaos Synopsis). We are very happy that we were able to invite Manu and Jairo to cooperate, especially since we were able to travel with them in recent years on the occasion of several concert tours. It is worth mentioning that the number is shouted out in English and Portuguese, denouncing the current Brazilian governments. We encourage you to check the text of the song and to familiarize yourself with the works of the above-mentioned bands.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/0fANV3zHQTo